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What Makes My Caregivers LLC. Different?

Choosing the right in-care service can be a difficult decision, allow My Caregivers LLC. to make things easier for you.

My Caregivers LLC. Phoenix Metropolitan's Premiere In-Home Care Company

My Caregivers LLC is a truly revolutionary way to look at in-home care. My Caregivers was founded on Friday the 13th in October of 2017. We chose an unlucky day to open because we knew it would be far from being unlucky and we wanted that challenge! It was formed under the vision of a woman who saw the atrocities of how her geriatric community was being treated and knew she had to make a difference. “I thought to myself, I could do better. I want to do better. This is my service to my community and I’m going to do it.” -Alix Judkins, Owner My Caregivers LLC.

Our in home health service differentiates itself from other care agencies in the regard that we bring heartfelt, individualized, and unique care right to your front door so that your loved ones are able to be comfortable in an environment they are familiar with. Catering to their specific needs, quality care is given with the utmost respect, diligence, and intuitiveness.

“What we do, to put it simply, is fun. We bring in such positive and creative attitudes, that it is contagious.” -Alix Judkins, Owner My Caregivers LLC.

My Caregivers comes to you as reliably as possible (we are all human after all). Whether your loved one is in their own home, another care facility, or the hospital short term or long term, we go where we are needed. You set the times and coordinate schedules with your caregiver. There is no minimum hours per week and the first consultation is free.

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Unknown member
Jan 09, 2020

Alix and her team have been great help and support for my aunt as she has embraced life after the passing of my uncle, and her 52 yr marriage to him. Being someone who travels a lot for work, I couldn’t always be w/ her to meet her needs, but was always at ease knowing that Mycaregivers team was there to be with her and show her genuine company and compassion. Their unique take on how to provide care w/ the medicinal sales push is relieving and refreshing, and her ideas for passing time w/ crafts bering renewed spirit to my aunt with her excitement of her own creativity. Do consider this great organization for the care and oversight of…

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