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The Importance of Seniors in our Lives and Society

Seniors have a crucial impact in our lives; they “contribute enormously to the normal functioning of our society.” Graying with Grace 2022

A few reasons why Seniors are important in our lives:

  1. Seniors have a wealth of experience and skills they can impart on to the younger generation.

  2. Seniors help with parenting and chores at home.

  3. Seniors are loving Caregivers.

  4. Seniors give their time willingly.

The fact that people live longer than ever should be celebrated as one of the biggest success stories in history. As the saying goes: “Getting old is better than the alternative.” Evidence Network 2012

Seniors use services and employ people as younger persons. They also volunteer and give generously to charitable organizations. Seniors are the caregivers and sometimes run errands for the family.

5 Reasons How the Elderly Can Continue their Importance and Contribution to Society:

  1. Keeping physically fit: Seniors must remain fit both physically and mentally.

  2. Becoming a Family Mentor: “The wisdom and sharing of knowledge by elderly will go a long way in creating an ideal ambience for families. Families are at the core of any society and therefore, good and well-knit families will lead to betterment of society.”

  3. Help the Needy: Elders are in a position to offer non -financial help which includes teaching needy students or other adults or guiding young people in the community.

  4. Actively Contribute to Society: Seniors can contribute to society through engaging in activities such as taking up part time work with an NGO.

  5. Way Forward: “ It is not enough to live for oneself; it is equally important to live for others. This is the only way any society can progress to growth and prosperity. One’s aim in life should be to do whatever he / she can, for the society and nation till the last minute. As it is said, it is not important how long you live, but it is relevant how well you live for others!! “

  • “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” – Betty Friedan

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