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From Ellen Everett‘s book "If Hearts had Training Wheels."

From our Founder Alix, from Ellen Everett‘s book "If Hearts had Training Wheels." A collection of poetry prose thoughts and art.

d e m e n t i a

Please don't fall in love with me for what I have or for what I look like when my hair is primped and when my face is tidied

Fall in love with my unruly hair, and puffy eyes, and half-shaven legs

Kiss me with my morning breath and when I am gray and forget what day it is and begin to put hairbrushes in the freezer and dishes in the bathroom and forget how to brew my evening coffee

Love me and my absent mind, and when I forget what words to say, read books to me and tell me about your day

And when we have the same conversation three times in a row, pretend it is new and exciting so I don't have to remember that I'm forgetting, so I don't realize that I'm unmaking the memories that once seemed so secure, like they would always be there, waiting for me And above all, remind me that I am loved.

I don't want to lose myself without someone there to find me

60 & Ellen Everett


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